SideBar was founded...

 in the summer of 2015. Our mission is to help foster and elevate cocktail culture in Grand Rapids in a casual and comfortable style. With an eighteen seat capacity, Sidebar offers an intimate atmosphere which facilitates good conversation, comfort, and expansion of both mind and palate. 

Our menu changes seasonally and is but a suggestion of what the bartenders here at SideBar can provide. We offer a wide variety of cocktails, both classic and modern, and would be more than happy to tailor a beverage to your exact specifications. On the other hand our staff is adept at interpretation. Give them a feeling, a name, an idea of a cocktail and they will not disappoint. So consider our menu a guide, a jumping off point, or a conversation starter between you and your taste buds.

Now relax, talk to a stranger, enjoy the music, or take a moment to yourself. 


Welcome to SideBar.

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